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About Bacel Foods

Bacel was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2017 by Jolleh and Baris Celep, a couple with an enthusiasm for all exquisite and premium things Middle Eastern, specialising in quality foods. 

Baris Celep, who is Turkish by origin was particularly fond of a unique type of roasted tahini made in a village in remote Turkey. Having family roots in this village and a need to share this exceptional roasted tahini inspired Baris to bring Bacel Roasted Tahini to Australia.

This village, located in the Taurus Mountains is known for its natural, pure mountain spring waters and mineral rich soil. Tahini made in this village differentiates itself from any other Tahini in the world through its rich golden colour, nutty taste and quality of the local sesame seeds.

Village in the Taurus Mountains with fresh spring water used to soak sesame seeds

Tahini is a sesame seed paste that has been made in Turkey since the 13th century and has found its way into a large variety of dishes, particularly middle-eastern cuisine. These days however, it is also found in modern Australian dishes too, especially those which are catered to vegetarians or vegans. 


Hand chopped Juniper tree wood used to roast sesame seeds in a stone oven

Bacel Roasted Tahini has a unique flavour due to its roasting and manufacturing process and tahini made in this village differentiates itself from any other tahini in the world due to its rich golden colour, nutty taste and quality of the local sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds are roasted with Juniper tree wood in a stone oven

During manufacturing, the sesame seeds are first soaked in natural spring water and then roasted in a wood fired stone oven using only Juniper tree wood, before being ground to a creamy, luxurious paste in a large stone mill. 


Bacel sesame seeds are roasted in a wood fired stone oven

Tahini is extremely versatile and healthy, and has a high content of protein, magnesium, calcium, iron, unsaturated fats and vitamin B. 

Many Australians know tahini only as an ingredient for hummus, so to give you some more options Bacel has included delicious recipes and serving suggestions on this website. 

Bacel Roasted Tahini is the best in the world, and we simply ask you to Taste the difference.