Who is Bacel?

Bacel Tahini is an Australian owned company committed to providing premium, luxurious and healthy foods.

What makes Bacel Tahini special?

Standard Tahini is usually made in large industrial facilities and has a short manufacturing process with other oils and additives combined during the grinding process.

Bacel Tahini seeds are roasted in a wood fired stone oven using only wood from the Juniper tree. The sesame seeds are also soaked for 24 hours in natural spring water before being stone ground to a fine paste. This traditional process hasn't changed for 500 years and gives Bacel Tahini its rich dark colour and unique flavour.

Is Tahini healthy?

​Absolutely! Please see our Health Benefits page <<Insert link>>

Explain Hulled & Unhulled Tahini?

Unhulled Tahini is when the sesame hull (outer skin) remains on the seeds before they are made into Tahini.

Hulled Tahini is when the hull is removed before the Tahini is made.

Unhulled is the slightly healthier option as the hull contains vitamins & minerals, however, it is a little more bitter in taste than the Hulled option. Both are still rich in nutrients.

Bacel Tahini is currently Hulled, but Unhulled Tahini will be available soon.

How can I buy Bacel Tahini? 

Bacel Tahini can be purchased online, in jars and buckets or in local health shops in Perth. 

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